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Att: Jealousy

Dear Ms. Jealousy,

I’m writing you today to tell you in no uncertain terms your position has be removed from our company effective immediately. You see I let you in by instinct not by qualification and that was truly unfair to Mr. Love, Mrs. Faith, and Miss Hope.

We took your advice, unwittingly, and your attitude has hung like a thick damp cloud in the work place. Dripping your evil intent into the lungs and over the eyes of others.

I nearly fired Rage for her actions until someone pointed out my rage was simply a cause and effect of you. Frankly, I’m quite tired of that tiny seed that you brought in promising something beautiful but instead grows a full fledge Venus fly trap in my soul. Eating all happiness and peace that desires to flutter by.
No more warnings and no more waiting for you to change. Pack your bags and security will be waiting for you outside your office.


Jealousy is a strong human emotion and according to the Bible it’s a sin. Alistair Begg did a sermon (broadcast in 2 parts part 1 here part 2 here) on jealousy that really opened my mind and understanding.

I am going to admit its so hard to make this post because while I realize my faults, the sadness surrounding what used to make me angry and jealous still lingers. And when I try to give examples I can’t without becoming bitter and angry. Instead I will try to make a list of things I know I have or do get jealous about. No matter how absurd it may seem I want someone who reads this they are not alone.

1. The ocean (not of the ocean but that I have and may not ever get to experience the beach and ocean)
2. Childless couples who spend infinite time together or vacation
3. Thin and healthy men and women
4. My husband (this is a long and complicated story all in itself but he has been to the ocean, has vacations and friends, is thin and healthy, and seems so much more happy in life than me because he has no bad emotions.)

What advice can I give to combat these feelings? Pray, pray, pray! Never stop praying and having a dialog in your mind with your God. And never stop listening for him.

My first post for but second or third day in the Daily Post Writing 101 challenge. As always thank you for reading and I hope I was able to move or help you in some way.

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