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When awesome products don’t stay around!

I am having a planner problem! Crisis!!    Mild annoyance Preference problem. You see when I was in high school two of my sisters went to a local christian book store and found these awesome planners. They where kind of like the filofax, kikki.k, etc. designs but it was a soft plastic 3-ring binder. We all got a different design and the two in school used it for school and I don’t know what my older sister did with hers. I’ve gone back to this store over the years to find another one but they only carried them the one time! I never knew the name, but I know that was the most organized year of my life!

The problem I am having is that last year I was trying to minimalize and figured why do I need this old book? It really hurt to put it in the trash because I loved that binder and I never ever thought about just printing out my own calendars to refill it 😦

The closest thing I can come to in size and feel is this Imagination Academic Year Daily Dated Planner but in my dreams I could have this size, shape, weight, spiral bound but with the layout more like Day-Timer Family plus loose-leaf planner (which for some reason I can’t find a correct link to the one I saw in Walmart last night but linked is the actual website, also pictured below). The problem with the family binder is that it’s super bulky and not portable in my opinion While the academic one mentioned about.



Also!!!!! A big grrrr is how the planner is $24.95 at my Walmart but the refill alone on the website is $28 plus shipping! that is ridiculous! The only thing I can think to do it buy the one at walmart that I like and find a cover of my prefered size. I like my planner pages to meet with the edges. No extra room for things to get into the planner.