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Making a new start

I feel really gross after this weekend. Not gross look at this disgusting body. But gross I feel my blood pressure is up from drinking less water and eating out all 6 meals that I ate since Friday night!

I feel pressure from my family (not my husband or kids) to pay hundreds of dollars to join a fitness center and take classes. But I’m not ready for that. I’m ready to change and I want to be a testament of God’s grace and love in my change. I am also not ready to flap my 243 lb body around with a group of other sweaty people in a fitness center. Whether they are or not, I will feel as of all eyes are on me.

Instead of buying a 600 dollar a year gym or fitness center I chose the at home method. I want to encourage my kids to be active and wanted something fun my oldest could learn with me. That meant belly dance and Tracey Anderson Method are out until I can wake up early enough to do it without her. I wasn’t to pleased to see a 3 year old swaying her hips in a belly dance way. I also bought a ballet bar second hand (the kind from an infomercial – the name escapes me). But I don’t want her hanging all over it.

Instead I have chosen to go towards the Leslie Sansone Walk at Home route and Shaun T Rockin Body. I hear he is really cheesey but that’s okay. A while back I learned of a friend’s tween daughter who lost 40 or 50 lbs by using his Hip Hop Abs series so when I happened upon RB on sale for less than $30 with tax and shipping I got it.

I will take some before and after pictures once we do the first 90 days but I am unsure when or if I will post them.

I am on a mission to change my family’s health and I know pictures encourage so I will keep that in mind and link any posts in the future that have progress pictures on our health journey.


Take my idol Father God

Father God I want to be thin
I want to be dainty
I want to be healthy
I want to be picked up by my husband like we used to talk about
It’s consuming my thoughts
I’m being pulled to bow down to the idol of weight loss.
I am so anxious
I don’t know what to do
It consumes me
It saddens me
Change me Father
Make me a story for You
Take this idol from my hands
Take this dream from my possession
Don’t let me take it back
It’s too painful
I can’t even focus on washing a dish!
I don’t want to take a picture with my kids so they won’t see a disgusting woman later.
I’m consumed with an idol when I long to be consumed with You.
This burden is too heavy
Please take it away.