YouTube vlogging again

Much to my surprise I uploaded a video today to my YouTube channel. It’s something I started in hopes of being an everyday girls guide to life but it was just awkward. Lol. I used to dedicate hours to filming, editing, and the dreaded million hour upload but them life got in the way so I stopped. But I want to reach out to women especially. Young women like me (but if you are older too or a male and something helps you please don’t go away! God brought you here for a reason. I just want to clarify my heart’s target audience)

Now if you read some of my posts from before today you’ll see I have some sadder note or just thoughtfullness triggered by a memory, a feeling, or reaction to something. And I would like to continue doing that in hopes that someone knows they aren’t alone. I wait, prayerfully, before I post most things. Because in my moment of pain or anxiety everything is hyper-sensitive and my emotions cloud my reasoning. It’s kind of like writing a bad review for your favorite restaurant in the moment they’ve really wronged you (it seems to you). I don’t want to throw it all away for one rash, insensitive comment.

Anyway, those don’t have videos to go with them but I do hope to have at least one post a week that has a video to go along with it.

So that is my prayerful plan and I hope I help at least one person out there in the world.

ETA: the channel is

The video:


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