You deserve the memories

I wonder sometimes if we did our wedding wrong.
If we planned it too fast.
If we missed a blessing by semi-eloping.
I didn’t get my father-daughter dance.
Or the husband and wife dance.
I didn’t have a bridal shower.
I wasn’t even the one who chose my wedding gown. (Our mothers did).

But more than just me, I often wonder how it hurt my dad not to have that dance. Or what my mom harbors in her heart against me because of that day.

My sister is getting married next and a few times she asked if they should just elope. Would it be less stressful and easier on everyone. Would it be less stress? Yes. Would it be easier on everyone. Sure, in a way.
But would she one day regret not having the ballroom and the dances, the food and the special friends and family all around? Yes, absolutely.

I hope they have a beautiful wedding and a special day. Marriage isn’t about that one day and a perfect wedding doesn’t mean a perfect marriage but it’s nice to have a beautiful memory. She deserves the wedding of her dreams.

You deserve the memories.

This is the YouTube video that brought out my thoughts today:


2 thoughts on “You deserve the memories”

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