Oh, Toys!

What a goal to conquer toys. Each child has their toys in their room but the girl wants to okay with the toddler toys and the toddler wants to play with his sister’s kitchen, dollhouse animals, and puzzles are the heart of them both.

I have minimalized many toys in both rooms but they don’t want to play. So today I am going to try toy rotation before going drastic as donating 90% of the toys.

How? I don’t know.
Blocks and puzzles in one, dollhouse stuff in another, play kitchen in a third and barbie a and stuffed animals in a other. But rotating every few days or once a week.


Balls are always played with and puzzles. So maybe those will always stay out. I don’t know. My longing to minimize toys comes from a plea from my oldest that it’s “too hard” to pick up so many toys. So instead of fighting with her lazy/ untaught tendencies I will teach her how to care for her toys a little at a time.


I will update with pictures and how we kept it up or if it worked, what/if we donated, and how the kids excepted this routine.

Update: 5/22/14
So far getting a bedroom routine has been pretty good and part of that routine is getting the toys picked up. One day I randomly took large bags or bins of toys into my room and sorted them at night after everyone was in bed. I made a goal of getting rid of 345 things. It was what I had left for the minimalist game. I surpassed my goal. But I did count everything I got rid of. 60 things of embroidery thread and 60 coupons I had clipped but didn’t use. But all on all it was little knick knack toys and clothes that no longer fit.

Anyway without further ado, here is one room finished deck decluttered and sorted.


The silver bin under the bed is a large foldable grocery bag from costco that cost around $7. I only see them available once or twice a year. Or while they last during summer. And the small plastic bin is a sterilite file box that I can’t seem the find the lid. I’m sure it’s in the walk in closet and I’ll find it soon enough. After the rest of the house is done I plan on working on the catch-all walk-in again.


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