Kids mop in a penny

Ever have an old swiffer or the like and you just don’t want to buy refills? Or it just didn’t live up to your standards?

I used to sell Norwex and I dreamed of buying the kids mop set but it costs a lot even on a consultants price. So after my one year old wouldn’t leave the swiffer all I had an idea just now.


I removed the middle piece and connected the handle lower. Hook on a wash cloth, enviro cloth, or baby wipe and you’ve got a kiddy mop for literally nothing (or 9.99 if you have to buy a starter kit).

I didn’t look at all on Pinterest or the internet – because I’d like to think I clever lol – but even if I wasn’t the first I hope my post helps a mom or dad out there with an over-helpful child 🙂


5 Reasons Why I love Doing The Dishes

Me too! Haha *sarcastic post*

A New Life Wandering

My idea of fun.

Doing dishes is by far my favorite chore. Every time I cook I try to use as many kitchen utensils so that I have more to wash. I always offer to do the dishes and insist if necessary; even if I am a guest at someone else’s home.

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Win a Copy of The Year Without Pants

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Crazy Dreams

I have always been one to have wild, vivid, emotion filled dreams that seemed so real. I nearly always remember the colors and most, if not all, the sites, smells, and actions that took place during my dreams. I used to feel helpless, paralyzed even, as a giant cat or unknown man attacked or killed me. These where from the enemy or from my own deep down fears in my heart. I always wondered and lived my life as if they where premonitions of my personal demise. I was always watching at waiting.

But thank you Jesus for your sweet protection in my nearly three decades on earth I have never been in a situation like that outside of my dreams. When I was 19, I went to Costa Rica on a missions trip (which deserves a whole post all and of itself) and my fear of dying in the jungle due to a cougar or jaguar wouldn’t even let me sleep. Not even 30 feet away from where we slept the family kept pics in a low wooden hut with a moat around it so that the mountain cats couldn’t get to them. The same with the chickens. And one night I even thought I heard one grumbling outside the walls of the church building where we slept. Now as a married woman I realize the sound was most likely the men snoring on the far side of the church (women and girls on one side, men and boy on the other). The only thing that did “get me” was a pigeon size moth that brought a lot of laughter to the local pastor and his sons as it chased me a few times!

ANYWAY, moving on to my point. It was on that trip I learned to become aware of my dreams. Not taught in a class but showed by God rather than I can control the fear in my dreams. I was in a four-post home with billowing curtains on the land where the church stood. A giant mountain lion walked in and I was laying on the floor. The cat began to eat at my ribs (gruesome much! good thing it was a blurry dream). Then suddenly I saw myself also sitting on the bed at the same time and I told the cat “Stop! In the name of Jesus leave me alone!”

And you know what? It not only stopped but lay down and became a pet in my dreams. I was able to pet the cat’s head and it fell asleep. I have rarely felt fear for a cat since that dream. Yes I still cringe because I’m just not a cat person but it’s not a debilitating fear like before. And one day as I drove in Missouri at 5 am I wasn’t afraid when the biggest bob-cat I’ve ever seen crossed the road in front of me. In fact I realized the creature was a beautiful creation of God just as I am a beautiful creation of God.

Now bringing me to main point of this post. I had a very real dream last night of police chasing people, Walmart, and men attacking. But I was at Walmart last night, the police where called for shop lifting, and no, no one was there to attack me. I had a dream I was shopping and the store opened up to a park and then the police where chasing a group of younger people (early 20s, late teens). We where walking in the direction they where chasing. I said “I don’t think we should go that way.” But the other two in my group kept walking then suddenly a man grabbed me from behind and tried to take me. I yelled ‘No’ firmly and began to fight. But in the dream I realized it didn’t hurt my hands to fight back and I couldn’t feel the man. I stopped fighting and said “In the name of Jesus you will stop and walk away!” And he did.

The two women with me decided to go back to where we came from but another man tried to grab us to use as a bargain to get their friends back from the cops. Again I began to tell him the same thing and it was resolving and he was letting go when I began to wake up.

Moments later I felt my husband begin to hug me from behind and he caught my hair with his arm. I was still in fight mode and tried to free my hair. Poor hubby got a small head butt from trying to hug and show some love. It must not have been too hard since he started laughing and asked what that was for. I told him I was dreaming and he was lucky I didn’t go all kun fu on him like he does to me. When he dreams he plays soccer or basketball I get a nice jolt of him “jumping” or “kicking” in his sleep. LoL


Here are some interesting links I happen to stumble upon after a quick Google search on dreams in the bible.

How did God use dreams and visions in the Bible?

Christian dream interpretation?

Lucid dreaming – what is it? is it a sin?

These are the articles I’ve read so far from this website. If you find any more interesting ones or have your own story to tell comment below 🙂

ETA: video for YouTube is uploading and it has a little more detail than this post.

Here is the video:

When awesome products don’t stay around!

I am having a planner problem! Crisis!!    Mild annoyance Preference problem. You see when I was in high school two of my sisters went to a local christian book store and found these awesome planners. They where kind of like the filofax, kikki.k, etc. designs but it was a soft plastic 3-ring binder. We all got a different design and the two in school used it for school and I don’t know what my older sister did with hers. I’ve gone back to this store over the years to find another one but they only carried them the one time! I never knew the name, but I know that was the most organized year of my life!

The problem I am having is that last year I was trying to minimalize and figured why do I need this old book? It really hurt to put it in the trash because I loved that binder and I never ever thought about just printing out my own calendars to refill it 😦

The closest thing I can come to in size and feel is this Imagination Academic Year Daily Dated Planner but in my dreams I could have this size, shape, weight, spiral bound but with the layout more like Day-Timer Family plus loose-leaf planner (which for some reason I can’t find a correct link to the one I saw in Walmart last night but linked is the actual website, also pictured below). The problem with the family binder is that it’s super bulky and not portable in my opinion While the academic one mentioned about.



Also!!!!! A big grrrr is how the planner is $24.95 at my Walmart but the refill alone on the website is $28 plus shipping! that is ridiculous! The only thing I can think to do it buy the one at walmart that I like and find a cover of my prefered size. I like my planner pages to meet with the edges. No extra room for things to get into the planner.

Planning a planner and music

I have been passionately time consumed with watching videos on how to plan a planner. How to make a planner. It turns out it’s really super expensive. So I set out to make my own for cheap using mostly what I already have and buying the bare minimum. So far I have only spent $22 dollars on a whole pinch, a pack of card stock, and the calendar divider inserts. Comparing that to the setting price of most binder systems ($50-200!) I think that’s rather frugal.

After a rather frustrating search I decided to make my own printable calendars on grey car stock since my binder is white. These are for a mini binder 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.



I also got a to do list paper pack at Target on clearance

^^That’s my plan on how to set up my planner.

I didn’t want to spend big bucks on a system that I may or may not use. I am very forgetful and want to start holding myself accountable for not much money.

And here is the mini binder I already had:


So after I do my round of chores today, I’ll be putting this baby together and trying to start using it. If I find I use it and I really will use a Filofax or a Kikki.k than I will save the money and get one at the end of the year. A5 size.

The link to my video:
The three videos that inspired me in my set up:
1. MrsLizzieAnn and her Erin Condren
2. Moe Howard and her DIY setup
3. Alexis aka MissTrenchcoat and her Kikki.k

Oh and because I mentioned it in my video here is a link to my daughter’s favorite song Life. Then most click on the channel name from there. The song I referenced is only available for purchase but you can listen to a previews of Heartbeat on iTunes or Amazon mp3. I believe she said the album would be up on Spotify in June or July. You can always listen to the other CDs on YouTube and/or Spotify.

YouTube vlogging again

Much to my surprise I uploaded a video today to my YouTube channel. It’s something I started in hopes of being an everyday girls guide to life but it was just awkward. Lol. I used to dedicate hours to filming, editing, and the dreaded million hour upload but them life got in the way so I stopped. But I want to reach out to women especially. Young women like me (but if you are older too or a male and something helps you please don’t go away! God brought you here for a reason. I just want to clarify my heart’s target audience)

Now if you read some of my posts from before today you’ll see I have some sadder note or just thoughtfullness triggered by a memory, a feeling, or reaction to something. And I would like to continue doing that in hopes that someone knows they aren’t alone. I wait, prayerfully, before I post most things. Because in my moment of pain or anxiety everything is hyper-sensitive and my emotions cloud my reasoning. It’s kind of like writing a bad review for your favorite restaurant in the moment they’ve really wronged you (it seems to you). I don’t want to throw it all away for one rash, insensitive comment.

Anyway, those don’t have videos to go with them but I do hope to have at least one post a week that has a video to go along with it.

So that is my prayerful plan and I hope I help at least one person out there in the world.

ETA: the channel is

The video:

You deserve the memories

I wonder sometimes if we did our wedding wrong.
If we planned it too fast.
If we missed a blessing by semi-eloping.
I didn’t get my father-daughter dance.
Or the husband and wife dance.
I didn’t have a bridal shower.
I wasn’t even the one who chose my wedding gown. (Our mothers did).

But more than just me, I often wonder how it hurt my dad not to have that dance. Or what my mom harbors in her heart against me because of that day.

My sister is getting married next and a few times she asked if they should just elope. Would it be less stressful and easier on everyone. Would it be less stress? Yes. Would it be easier on everyone. Sure, in a way.
But would she one day regret not having the ballroom and the dances, the food and the special friends and family all around? Yes, absolutely.

I hope they have a beautiful wedding and a special day. Marriage isn’t about that one day and a perfect wedding doesn’t mean a perfect marriage but it’s nice to have a beautiful memory. She deserves the wedding of her dreams.

You deserve the memories.

This is the YouTube video that brought out my thoughts today: